Apprenticeship Training Dynamic Marketplace DPS

A range of apprenticeship training programmes delivered through a flexible, easy to use public procurement Dynamic Marketplace (DMP).


This agreement allows buyers to access their apprenticeship levy funds to support their workforce planning strategies and meet their statutory apprenticeship targets. It is available to central government departments and all other UK public sector bodies. Users of this agreement have access to a wide range of Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) registered apprenticeship training and end-point assessment suppliers which offers a variety of supplementary services including:
  • The delivery of apprenticeship training and management
  • The sourcing, selection and assessment, recruitment and administration of the apprentices
  • Tailored apprenticeship learning to suit the specific needs of the apprentice
  • Other relevant training to support the development of the apprentice.
The intended duration period of this agreement is for 4 years, with an option to extend the duration for a maximum of 2 years.


The agreement is delivered through a Dynamic Marketplace providing:
  • A compliant public procurement route, also compliant with ESFA funding rules
  • An automated, electronic process, reducing administration time for both buyers and suppliers
  • The option for suppliers to update their offering as and when new standards are added
  • The opportunity for suppliers to apply to join at any time (throughout the life of the agreement).
  • More choice through an increased scope/scale of service offerings and access to public sector business.
  • Flexibility of contract – buyers can choose between Rapid Selection and Standard Selection, according to their needs (read the How to Buy section below for more details)
  • The option for appointed suppliers to bid for business either locally, regionally or nationally.

Products and suppliers

Please read the 'How to buy' tab below for detailed instructions on how to find out which suppliers are on this framework.

Lot 1 : Apprenticeship Training Dynamic Marketplace


How to buy

1. Choose your requirements 2. Choose the ‘Access as a buyer’ option via – the Supplier Registration Service (SRS) on the CCS website and sign in or register. 3. You must accept and confirm at each log in your acceptance of the customer access agreement. 4. Create a new category portfolio to begin your supplier selection 5. Before going any further you must select the “Rapid” or “Standard” selection (definitions below) 6. At the beginning of the procurement/customer journey you must confirm and record your Statement of Requirements within the auto generated free text box 7. You can search for relevant suppliers from a range of filters and in accordance with your Statement of Requirements 8. Filters consist of a full range of services and delivery models. Suppliers can be filtered on locations and delivery methods including:
  • Classroom based
  • Workplace based
  • Blended delivery
  • Location (depending on relevant delivery method)
Rapid Selection - allows the buyers to use the service filters along with the suppliers prospectus and pricing in in order to make a Rapid award(s) to a supplier(s) who meets their service requirement. Standard Selection - allows buyers to use the customer apprenticeships standards and/or frameworks service filters to select their specific service requirements. Following which, buyers will export a supplier list and invite the selected suppliers to undertake a capability assessment and/ or to a further competition within 2 working days of receipt of the export file. You can watch a customer tutorial here.